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Home based services for clinical trials are playing an increasingly important role in patient retention, satisfaction and safety. At LabConnect we have over 12 years of experience supporting home based clinical trial visits. To expand our capabilities, we have formed a partnership with our global logistics partner to offer our clients both Direct to Patient services (DTP) and Home Health Care services (HHC). These services allow patients the flexibility and convenience of staying at home while participating in either traditional or virtual clinical trials.

These services are currently available in over 50 countries and are fully integrated with our worldwide supply, logistics, and analytical services to ensure sample integrity.

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  • Participation in trials from the comfort and convenience of patient’s home, office, alternate site, or vacation destination
  • Single project management team to oversee global coordination of collection supplies, drug delivery, home healthcare services, logistics, and testing
  • Enrollment of patients who live long distances from an investigator site, or who have difficulty traveling due to health concerns or age-related issues