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Leading the evolution in central laboratory services, LabConnect provides you with world-class capabilities through our network of laboratories and industry-leading support services, including routine and specialized laboratory testing, sample tracking custom collection kits, sample management, data management, and biorepository and scientific support resources.

As the needs of the industry have become increasingly analytically and logistically complex, we have continuously focused on the development of innovative support services that can facilitate global execution and the delivery of reliable and timely data. This organizational focus has positioned us as the leader in complex trial support.

In addition, an important thing to know about us is that we are known industry-wide for our flexibility and ability to customize our services to meet individual project needs. As a result, our reputation for responsiveness and customer service sets us apart.

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Company Values

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We believe in developing close, lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with all our stakeholders, including fellow employees, clients, and vendors. We also seek to understand and anticipate our stakeholders’ needs and treat all with respect and appreciation.

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We create candid self-assessments and examine our strengths and weaknesses to identify areas to improve. We deliver on our promises. We seek feedback from clients on how to serve them better and we learn from our competitors. And we value flexibility and positive attitudes and take company resources and capabilities into consideration.

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We value giving our best efforts while accepting that mistakes will be made — particularly as we are constantly seeking to experiment and make small, everyday improvements. We understand that to do so will require employing creative individuals with winning attitudes, the passion to excel, high achievement goals and the desire to surprise and delight our stakeholders. LabConnect seeks to identify and surpass the benchmarks in our industry.

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We address challenges with creativity and understand that solutions may be applied from other companies or even industries. The best thing about us is we team listen to our clients and peers and understand innovations and how to apply them.

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We strive to understand the impact of our actions and decisions on our fellow employees, the company, clients and other stakeholders. We understand that good communication is key to our personal and company success. Working toward shared goals, we maintain a collaborative spirit and seek clarity and brevity in our communication.


LabConnect’s SampleGISTICS™ platform utilizes our proprietary tracking software to manage your samples from collection to shipment to receipt at any lab or location in the world.


LabConnect’s SampleGISTICS™ platform utilizes our proprietary tracking software to manage your samples from collection to shipment to receipt at any lab or location in the world.


Laboratory Harmonization
and CEQAL Partnership

LabConnect harmonizes method calibrations throughout our network to ensure accurate and consistent results worldwide. Program components include:

  • Common reference intervals
  • Common internal quality control (IQC) samples for monitoring analytical precision
  • Baseline assessments of analytical performance using common sets of human serum samples covering the clinical range of interest for the analytes measured

In addition, LabConnect collaborates with the Canadian External Quality Assessment Laboratory (CEQAL) to establish and maintain testing accuracy, data management and analytical support among and between LabConnect network laboratories in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America.

To promote excellence among our research professionals, we have partnered with the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM). This nonprofit organization supports the development of safe and effective regenerative medicines and advanced therapies worldwide. The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM) is an international community of small and large companies, non-profit research institutions, patient organizations, and other sector stakeholders dedicated to realizing the promise of regenerative medicine for patients around the world.

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