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Your samples represent the core of your clinical research. If you’ve ever wondered where your samples are or even when you’ll see your data, then you will appreciate the value of LabConnect’s flexible sample tracking options that go beyond the routine – LabConnect Enhanced and LabConnect Hyper-Tracking.


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Compliance in getting day-of collection information compared to 50% industry standard

Lexi Can’t Wait for Your Lab Samples to Be Delivered

That’s because, now that she’s expecting twins, she’s concerned about viruses that cause undue harm to vulnerable babies. Vaccines can help ensure good health.


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Two Choices for Fast, Accurate Lab Sample Tracking

LabConnect Enhanced Tracking
  • <24 hours for status
  • Visit/sample forecasting
  • Missed-visit monitoring
  • Subject/sample tracking details
LabConnect Hyper-Tracking
  • 1-2 hours for status
  • Visit scheduling support
  • Visit/sample forecasting
  • Live, real-time monitoring
  • Subject/sample tracking details
  • For complex studies or higher risk samples

Support tools/technology include SampleGISTICS, electronic accessioning, and more

Track and Manage Samples in Real-Time

LabConnect’s SampleGISTICS™ digital pen technology captures written matter and instantly shares with LabConnect. Our real-time dashboard gives you visibility into your samples and allows you to track and manage them whenever you want. Real-time sample tracking follows each specimen through its entire life cycle, from collection through sample logistics to receipt at any laboratory or storage location in the world. This central lab service provides your team with comprehensive sample chain of custody from the moment the sample is collected.

Save Time and Money

Today’s complex biomarker and specialized testing with strict timelines and sample maintenance requirements leaves little room for error. Improved sample tracking reduces the time from collection to analysis and increases the security and integrity of your specimen throughout its lifespan. Efficient, advanced virtual accessioning technology and rapid query resolution also save you time and money.

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Therapeutic Expertise

Let LabConnect’s expertise across today’s most critical therapeutic areas accelerate your therapy development.
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