Functional Service Provider (FSP) Solutions

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Quickly get scientific and technical expertise to support and extend your clinical trial teams to meet the evolving study demands of traditional to increasingly complex clinical trials.

Unparalleled Clinical Trial Program Oversight

For over 20 years, LabConnect’s global team of technical and scientific experts has supported our clients, serving as an extension of their clinical team, quickly coordinating all laboratory-related needs, advising on strategies for lab data collection and providing end-to-end analytical and logistical solutions.

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Scientific Project Management – Bioanalytical

LabConnect provides subject matter experts (SMEs) to oversee and project manage all technical and operational aspects of bioanalytical testing outsourced to partner clinical laboratories. With diverse experience in large and small molecule analytical platforms, LabConnect’s FSP Solutions supports the lifecycle of a project, including vendor selection and contracting, assay development and validation, data monitoring, and study closure and regulatory reporting. Our embedded team of experts liaise between your internal study teams and external partner clinical labs, providing technical expertise driving analytical readiness, testing milestones, and compliant assay integrity.

Scientific Project Management – Biomarker

LabConnect can provide functional area experts to project manage technical and operational aspects of biomarker testing outsourced to partner clinical laboratories to expedite laboratory selection, assay qualification, data monitoring, and CSR reporting. Our embedded staff liaise between your internal study teams and external vendors, providing technical expertise driving analytical readiness, assay integrity, and study timelines.

Biospecimen Management

LabConnect provides you with experienced biospecimen managers to oversee preclinical and clinical studies focusing on sample logistics and sample/data discrepancy resolution. Your LabConnect biospecimen manager(s) will act as a hub, facilitating interactions with all internal and external stakeholders, ensuring that all your samples are received and tested, and that data is transferred according to mandated timelines. LabConnect ensures sample integrity by tailoring solutions with a focus on communications, and utilizing client-based or commercial LIMS systems, or manual tracking as needed.

Vendor Management

Outsourcing of testing and services has become more common in the clinical trial industry. This trend is due to expedited study demands, increases in the number of clinical studies, and complexity of the clinical studies. When a company decides to use outside vendors, implementing expert vendor management is critical. Identifying the appropriate laboratories, qualifying the laboratories to ensure regulatory compliance, and monitoring the laboratories’ performance over time is critical to success. LabConnect has extensive experience in providing technical vendor management service to our clients, focusing on both analytical and operational processes.

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Working with LabConnect, you can be confident that you have the scientific and technical expertise you need from a trusted clinical trial partner.
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