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Accelerating Vaccine Development

Vaccine studies can have a significant impact on supporting healthier communities around the world. However, vaccine studies are often required to be executed swiftly and be conducted in multiple regions across the globe.

Through our global central lab services, LabConnect successfully manages these challenges with expert clinical operational and analytical support to ensure the timely execution of your vaccine clinical trial.

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Lexi Can’t Wait for Your Lab Samples to Be Delivered

That’s because, now that she’s expecting twins, she’s concerned about viruses that cause undue harm to vulnerable babies. Vaccines can help ensure good health.


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Watch part four of our on-demand series addressing key challenges facing sponsors of clinical trials.

In this webinar, you’ll receive insider tips on how to best support vaccine trials with our bespoke vaccine model.


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Need Additional Trial Support?

LabConnect’s team of technical and scientific experts provides unparalleled program oversight and support through our Functional Service Provider (FSP) Solutions. Working together, we can achieve clinical trial success and accelerate the development of new vaccines to improve patient lives.

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