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Clinical Trial Laboratory Logistics Management


on-time delivery rate around the world

Consistent Logistics Support

LabConnect’s logistics team is dedicated to managing the day-to-day logistics operations of your clinical trial laboratory kits and samples. From early proposal stage to study set-up and throughout the life of the clinical trial, our team of experts quickly coordinates end-to-end logistical solutions and proactively mitigates any logistics issues.


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Supporting Complex Requirements

In the event you have a clinical trial with unique or complex requirements, our courier partnership allows us to jointly review shipping lane assessments, build new shipping lanes or run test shipments as needed.

Our courier partnership combines global and last-mile capabilities with protocol-specific shipping lanes for rapid and reliable sample delivery.


We’re able to transport samples anywhere in the world in approximately 48 hours or less, even in logistically challenged parts of the world. For North America or the EU, samples are shipped priority and will arrive in less than 24 hours.


Sometimes the unexpected does happen that may cause unforeseen logistical challenges. Our experienced lab sample logistics experts, combined with our courier relationships, empower us to quickly pivot with alternative solutions when needed to ensure reliable and timely delivery of your samples.

Save Time and Money

Our global clinical trial laboratory network provides access to more points of service than any other central lab – reducing the travel time and distance of your samples from your investigator sites and driving lower cost with operational efficiencies.


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FSP Solutions

Our dedicated technical and scientific experts can serve as an extension of your team to quickly coordinate all laboratory-related needs.
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Therapeutic Expertise

Let LabConnect’s expertise across today’s most critical therapeutic areas accelerate your therapy development.
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