Central Laboratory Services

Global Services to Support Evolving Study Demands

LabConnect offers a full suite of innovative Central Laboratory Services that are designed to meet the unique needs of your clinical research trial – of all sizes and complexity.

Project Management

Dedicated to the success of Your Clinical Trial Research

LabConnect’s Project Managers are passionate about clinical research and dedicated to ensuring the success of your project. Your Project Manager becomes an extension of your team and is your central point of contact, quickly coordinating all laboratory needs and providing end-to-end analytical and logistical solutions.

Our experienced LabConnect Project Managers, with an average of 10+ years managing complex trials and timelines, function as proactive partners in problem solving and follow through. We understand project requirements vary and partner with clients to develop a tailored plan to make it easer for you to achieve your clinical trial objectives faster.

Tailored, Timely, and Flexible

Almost every clinical research project has a unique set of challenges.

LabConnect partners with you to ensure that your clinical trial is supported as you need it – quickly coordinating all laboratory-related needs and providing end-to-end analytical and logistical solutions.

Lab Kit Production
Lab Kit Production
Sample Management
Data Management
Data Management

Patients Can’t Wait

No matter the size or complexity of your clinical trial, LabConnect’s central lab services are designed to ensure success – for you and for patients.

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A Global Network

Access to More Global Points of Service
Than Any Other Central Lab

LabConnect is the industry leader with routine and specialized testing expertise in over 30 locations across 6 continents – including logistically challenged regions around the world. Reducing the travel distance of samples from investigator sites, drives operational efficiencies for our client partners and helps maintain the integrity of clinical research trial samples.


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LabConnect offers over 5,000 validated tests available across our global network, ensuring you have everything you need, from routine analysis to highly complex and specialized clinical research trial support.

Keep Your Research
Moving Forward with a Trusted Partner

For more than 20 years and for over 1600 clinical trials, LabConnect is a trusted partner helping clients successfully achieve clinical trial milestones by providing unparalleled program oversight and support to meet the evolving study demands of traditional to complex trials around the world.

Our Mission. In Action.

FSP Solutions

Our dedicated technical and scientific experts can serve as an extension of your team to quickly coordinate all laboratory-related needs.
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Therapeutic Expertise

Let LabConnect’s expertise across today’s most critical therapeutic areas accelerate your therapy development.
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