The Leader in Innovative Central Laboratory Services for Cell and Gene Therapy Trials

Cell and Gene therapies are exciting and promising treatments that have the potential to change the lives of patients and their families across the globe. From a central laboratory perspective, management of these complex trials requires specialized capabilities, tools and experience. From designing novel immune response and biomarker assays to maintaining strict chain-of-custody sample tracking, these treatment approaches require a central laboratory partner with flexible, agile processes and specialized expertise in Cell and Gene therapy development.

LabConnect understands both the scientific and logistical requirements of these complex trials and has created innovative tools and services to support their execution.

Services for Cell
and Gene Therapy

Cell and Gene therapy protocols include extensive sample collection schedules involving specialized specimen logistics, processing and cryopreservation on a global scale. Our experience supporting these trials gives us the insight to develop unique solutions for your trial including custom collection kits, site/sample specific logistics strategies, real time sample tracking, sample processing, state-of-the-art biorepository services, data integration and most importantly expert staff. LabConnect is recognized as the preeminent provider of central laboratory support services for logistically and analytically complex Cell and Gene therapy studies.

  • 16 years of experience supporting Cell and Gene therapy studies
  • 300+ studies completed worldwide using our proprietary SampleGISTICS™ sample tracking platform
  • 1,500+ phase I-IV trials supported to date

Far more than typical central laboratory support, only LabConnect offers a comprehensive suite of specialized services that can be customized to meet the unique needs of Cell and Gene therapy trials.

Sample Tracking

LabConnect’s proprietary SampleGISTICS™ virtual accessioning and sample tracking platform has led the industry for over a decade. This technology can be utilized to track your samples, your source materials and your therapeutic product. Find out more at our SampleGISTICS™ page.

Sample Processing

Our Global Sample Processing Network (GSPN) provides standardized and actively monitored PBMC processing and DNA/RNA isolation services in over 20 locations across six continents. We have extensive experience with sponsor specific protocols. To learn more, go to the GSPN page.

Analytical Expertise

With more points of service than any other central laboratory, we have the ability to support your routine and highly specialized laboratory testing requirements on a worldwide basis. Click the Lab Testing Network link to find out details.

Data Services

Whether you need support integrating complex data sets from specialized laboratories or standardizing local lab results, our data services team has solutions to meet your needs. Visit our Data Integration page now.

Global Logistics

LabConnect’s strategic global partnerships allow us to provide you with consultative logistics planning support for your samples and products prior to study launch. Dedicated teams actively monitor our shipments on a worldwide basis. Learn more about Logistics.

Project Management

Cell and Gene therapy trials require proactive, highly engaged project management resources. We build dedicated teams that enable us to match the intensity that your organization places on the conduct of the trial. Read about what we offer on the Project Management web page.

Scientific Support

Simultaneous execution of analytical validation plans across multiple esoteric labs (either via or network or ones of your choosing) requires a highly specialized project management skill set. LabConnect can provide full or part time support to oversee these highly technical processes. Get the full details here: LabConnect Scientific Support.

Collection Kits

Complex laboratory collection schedules require custom designed user-friendly collection kits that facilitate proper sample preparation and transport. LabConnect’s kits have been rated number #1 for ease of use by investigator sites. To learn more, visit the Clinical Collection Kits page.

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Complex Clinical Trial Support

With our cutting-edge sample tracking services, unique digital pen technology, and customized project management services, LabConnect is uniquely positioned to support advanced therapeutic trials.


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