Clinical Trial Project Management

Why choose LabConnect?

LabConnect’s project managers are passionate about clinical research and dedicated to ensuring the success of your project. With industry leading staff retention rates, LabConnect’s project managers bring an average 8 years of experience in clinical trial project management services and are supported by a team averaging over 15 years of industry experience with thousands of clinical trials. This experience allows us to design better laboratory services to meet the needs of your investigative sites while identifying and managing risks in the project.

Your LabConnect clinical trial project manager becomes an extension of your team and your central point of contact into the continuum of our global services. They will participate in team meetings, inform you of project status and collaborate with you to overcome challenges and identify ways to keep your project on track. At the same time, your project manager has direct access to the senior leadership at LabConnect and ensures that your clinical trial’s needs are visible and prioritized.

Rightsizing your resources

We understand that project needs vary and work with clients to develop a customized resource plan for the project team when needed. Whether a wholly dedicated project manager or a project lead with specific scientific experience is required, we will collaborate to make sure we have the fit you need. When your resource needs change due to revised protocols, enrollment efforts, or simply due to the project lifecycle we welcome the opportunity to review your team allocation and make adjustments.


Your priorities are our priorities.

Our project managers understand the importance of timing in clinical trials and the role laboratory testing services occupies in navigating your critical path. LabConnect’s project initiation processes are designed to provide you with maximum visibility to timelines and deliverable for a reliable and seamless project launch.

Our team understands the speed at which today’s clinical trials evolve and are experienced in adaptive clinical trial project management and trial design based upon data driven decision points. As your design changes, your needs for services change. Flexibility and responsiveness are foundations of our services and systems.

Distributed Testing Expertise

Today’s complex testing protocols require a suite of analytical services supported by specialty providers in areas such as Flow Cytometry, IHC and cell-based assays. LabConnect’s project managers are uniquely experienced in managing projects with multiple testing locations and vendors that are either part of our global network or selected by our client. Efficiently navigating the processes and communications associated with a distributed testing eco-system are critical to the success of your project. LabConnect’s clinical trial project management and business model is wholly designed for this.

Regional Flexibility and Project Expansion

LabConnect’s global model provides the opportunity to have in-country /in-region support for your investigative sites and CRAs coupled with a central point of contact in your project manager. We can also source analytical services and solutions in proximity to your sites for time critical specimen processing and/or analysis, avoiding lengthy transit times that can compromise specimen integrity or delay enrollment.

Connect with LabConnect today. We look forward to meeting you.

Cell and Gene

Cell and gene therapies are exciting and promising contemporary treatments, and their newness adds a great deal of complexity…

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Complex Clinical Trial Support

With our cutting-edge sample tracking services, unique digital pen technology, and customized project management services, LabConnect is uniquely positioned to support advanced therapeutic trials.


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