LabConnect’s SampleGISTICS™:
Real-Time Sample Tracking to Monitor Your Valuable Samples

Your samples represent the core of your clinical research. If you’ve ever wondered where your samples are or even when you’ll see your data, then you will appreciate the value of LabConnect’s sample tracking tool – SampleGISTICS™. This tool provides real-time sample tracking and dedicated tracking personnel for your next study.

SampleGISTICS™ provides logistical transparency for each individual sample— easily available right on your dashboard. Real-time tracking follows each specimen through its entire life cycle, from collection through logistics to receipt at any laboratory or storage location in the world.

Today’s complex biomarker and specialized testing with strict timelines and sample maintenance requirements leaves little room for error. Improved sample tracking reduces the time from collection to analysis and increases the security and integrity of your specimen throughout its lifespan. Efficient, advanced virtual accessioning technology and rapid query resolution also save you time and money.

The LabConnect SampleGISTICS™ real-time sample tracking system offers a complete range of evolved capabilities, including:

  • Real-time tracking from the point of collection
  • Virtual accessioning with digital pen technology
  • Virtual sample management for immediate identification and faster resolution of queries/issues
  • Dedicated team of personnel to monitor samples on a worldwide basis
  • Increased control of shipping logistics and costs
  • Custom, multi-user web access
  • Customizable reports
  • Chain-of-custody tracking to ensure sample integrity
  • Sample data integration

Every sample is assigned a unique number during accessioning that is associated with a comprehensive dataset, such as:

  • Date and time collected, received and analyzed
  • Dosage
  • Indication
  • Tumor type
  • Volume
  • Freeze/thaw cycles
  • Processing conditions
  • Storage conditions
  • Results

Drug development today requires a clear understanding of exactly what samples you have, where they are and how they have been collected, shipped, processed and stored. LabConnect’s SampleGISTICS™ real-time, integrated system takes care of your sample management — so you can focus on the research.

SampleGISTICS™ Pen Technology

SampleGISTICS™ is LabConnect’s real-time sample tracking solution. This unique technology begins with virtual accessioning via LabConnect’s digital ink pen. Users write with the pen, which contains real ink, to fill out paper requisition forms. It is then connected via a USB port where encrypted handwritten data recorded by the pen is transmitted to LabConnect’s secure servers. Our trained staff is then able to see the requisition in real time and perform virtual accessioning. As soon as this step is completed, it is submitted to our database. Once you log-in to the SampleGISTICS™ web portal, you’ll be able to check the status of each sample in real-time.


This tool is successful in obtaining sample collection and tracking information on the day of collection and integrates seamlessly into site workflows. If a site is not able to use the pen, a scan of the digital form with ink handwriting can always be used as back up.


LabConnect is the only central lab that offers a real-time sample tracking solution with a digital pen. The benefits include:

  • 100% sample accountability
  • Live, real-time monitoring of sample movements
  • Visit scheduling and sample activity forecasting
  • Proactive sample queries by project support team
  • Full chain of custody from moment of collection
  • Virtual accessioning meets growing needs of trials

In addition to efficiency and ease, our sample tracking solution provides you with a high rate of compliance on-day-of-collection data submissions because this technology was specifically created to meet the needs of sites. LabConnect can provide consistent, high level tracking to ensure sample integrity – in real-time – throughout the sample’s life cycle.


Connect with LabConnect today and find out how our solution can help you complete your complex trials.



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