Scientific Project Management Support to Optimize Clinical Outsourcing Strategies

In today’s increasingly complicated world of clinical research, there are more samples collected and more specialized laboratory requirements than ever before. Clinical and pre-clinical studies have become more complex and require focused support. As a result, dedicated biospecimen management and oversight of outsourced assays and laboratories have become critical roles. For the past ten years, LabConnect’s Scientific Functional Outsourcing has supported clients in these areas by providing experienced personnel to handle biospecimen management, scientific project management, and vendor management. The objective of Scientific Functional Outsourcing is to focus on customizing teams of professionals with the expertise required to meet the specific needs of the client while integrating with the client teams as a trusted partner. This webinar will take an in-depth look at the unique and specialized roles developed by LabConnect and how approaches are customized to meet the specific study requirements of LabConnect’s clients.