Scientific Functional Outsourcing:
Industry Expertise and Adaptability in Specialized Services Focused on Your Needs

LabConnect’s SciOps support includes:

  • Biospecimen Management
  • Scientific Project Management
  • Vendor/CRO management and oversight
  • Preclinical and clinical project management
  • Analytical assay validation and transfer
  • Computational biology and data analytics
  • Contract administration

In today’s increasingly complex world of clinical research, there are more samples collected and more specialized laboratory requirements than ever before. As a result, biospecimen management, oversight of outsourced assays, and laboratories are playing increasingly important roles. For the past 10 years, LabConnect has supported our clients in these areas by providing experienced personnel to handle biospecimen management, scientific project management, and vendor management.

We provide a cost-effective solution for your technical and operational needs. Our team leverages years of industry experience with an emphasis on quality productivity while striving to make our clients successful.

Scientific Functional Outsourcing’s objective is focused on customizing teams of professionals with the expertise required to meet your specific needs while integrating with you and your team as a trusted partner. Adaptability, breadth of industry experience, and a unique model differentiate LabConnect’s services from those provided by other companies. Our infrastructure is built, our experience is robust, and our impact is immediate.


Scientific Project Management: Our project managers are experienced scientists skilled at managing all technical and operational aspects of non-clinical and clinical activities that have been outsourced to analytical laboratories or vendors. From oversight of assay transfers to monitoring bioanalytical methods, we have technical expertise spanning discovery research through late-stage clinical and post-marketing support, across numerous therapeutic areas. Our project managers are also well versed in vendor management throughout the duration of the studies. We provide you with customized and comprehensive support, as we are also able to leverage LabConnect’s broad array of services to meet your specific and unique needs.


Biological Sample Management: LabConnect provides you with experienced sample managers to oversee clinical, pre-clinical, early phase, and fast-track studies, focusing on sample logistics and sample/data discrepancy resolution. Your LabConnect biospecimen manager(s) will act as a hub, facilitating interactions with all internal and external stakeholders, ensuring that all of your samples are received and tested, and that data is transferred according to mandated timelines.


Vendor Management: Outsourcing of testing and services has become more common in the clinical trial industry. This trend is due to expedited study demands, increases in the number of studies and complexity of the studies.  When a company decides to use outside vendors, implementing expert vendor management is critical. Identifying the appropriate laboratories, qualifying the laboratories to ensure regulatory compliance, and monitoring the laboratories’ performance over time is critical to success. LabConnect has extensive experience in providing this service to our clients through our functional outsourcing services, focusing on both analytical and operational processes.


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With our cutting-edge sample tracking services, unique digital pen technology, and customized project management services, LabConnect is uniquely positioned to support advanced therapeutic trials.


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